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Q: Why is it considered that DTT offers the most efficient way to cover rural areas?
A: Because the DTT networks already exist and the coverage is typically more than 95% of the population.

Q: How can digital television terrestrial (DTT) network be used for delivering Internet?
A: Digital television is based on digital technology and digital data streams carry television picture and sound. Several streams are combined into a so-called transport stream (multiplex) that is transmitted over the network. Those digital streams could also carry non audio-visual content and hence can be used to deliver data services...

Latest news & events

Latest news & events

28. 11. 2014

The TV-WEB project brochure has been published

The project brochure summarizes the main results of the TV-WEB project... More »

26. 11. 2014

Successful conference in Budapest

TV-WEB origanised a successful conference on 12-13 November 2014 in Bu... More »

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Project video

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